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通 則 痛, 通 則  


                       BU TONG ZE TONG, TONG ZE BU  TONG                                                             



Daniel Waldman master acupuncturist DIP.AC DIP.R.M trained in both Japan and Australia. Daniel qualified in 1981 and he opened his practice in Darlinghurst, Sydney the same year. Daniel has over 30 years experience practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He predominantly trained and studied in Japan, learning and mastering the subtle and unique techniques that ensure gentle treatments and positive results.In this time he has integrated many systems of Acupuncture into his practice drawing on the qualities of his past mentors in Japan and fusing those techniques with studies in Australia.

Daniel Waldman is a masterful practitioner who offers a thorough and individual style of treatment. His palpatory method of diagnosis allows him gauge exactly what is at the bottom of each individual pattern of disharmony.His broad and grounded knowledge in human anatomy coupled  with his deep, intuitive capacity has fostered the evolution of a unique style.

To schedule an appointment please call +61 2 93628406  (overseas), 02 93628406 (local), or email admin@painreliefclinic.com.au.

The style of acupuncture used in our clinic is a systematic palpatory method which proves to be extremely effective in identifying source of the actual symptom and allowes more precise treatment plan.

Being a Pain Relief Clinic we specialize in pain management that might have developed for various reasons: either of musculoskeletal origin or proper systemic irregularities where certain metabolic errors occurred.

Elena from Belle Journee Spa and Beauty salon has recently joined our practice offering over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her treatments include laser hair removal of red, grey, white and blonde hair; photo rejuvenation, microdermabrasion; waxing; original green peel and a range of facials.

Elena's business website: www.bellejournee.com.au

Contact number: 0412 544 055




























New Clinic Contact: Suite 503, Eastpoint Tower, 180 Ocean Street, Edgecliff 2027 ABN: 32 108987051 Phone: (02) 93628406 E-mail: admin@painreliefclinic.com.au Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 7am - 7pm Appointments are essential! Please contact us to make your booking today.



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